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Dads and Daughters

Why do fathers need daughters? This is not a question about the biology, need/desire or even gender of a child. Instead, it is a vision of the potentially life-changing benefits this parent-child/father-daughter relationship can inspire.

In my new book “Why Fathers Need Daughters”, I set out to show the vast benefits of this special relationship. Raising daughters helps fathers become better men.” Without a doubt daughters need fathers; but the absurd, paradoxical truth in this relationship is the fact that raising daughters help fathers become better men. Fathers learn how to be more patient, how to access their emotions, how to become better communicators, better listeners, and most of all how to let go of their toxic masculinity – the killer of healthy feminine relationships.

This book explores these skills fathers can learn and acquire in parenting their daughters. It uncovers the startling truth that parenting daughters influences men's traditional gender attitudes in ways that fathering sons do not. Therefore, men plagued by toxic masculinity traits such as “the Alpha Male'' syndrome and the “Man Box” behavioral issues are revolutionized in the process. It also reveals some of the mental and scientifically proven psychological transformations the brain and attitudes of fathers undergo as a result of parenting daughters.

The paradox is also the fact that at the same time you/the father is going through your changes, your daughter is also learning, by observation, what to expect from the male relationships that will be in her life later on, because of the single most important male in her life NOW – YOU, her father.

Being a father isn’t easy!

This book sets out to help both single parenting and married fathers of daughters who desire to be better fathers and men, and are willing to let go of their toxic masculinity mindset, to learn these great life skills of communicating, listening, patience, accessing their emotions, and empathy in the process. Acquiring these skills will definitely enhance your male identity.

Reading this book will benefit you as a father! But it will also help you to become a better man.

Every day is Father's Day for your little girl!  Or perhaps, it's dad's birthday around the corner. Every daughter can help start that vision by gifting her dad this book. Or perhaps, someone you know is about to become a father/dad to a little girl soon - why not gift them this book? Or maybe, you are that dad who wants to be the best version of yourself for your little girl; then make it happen by purchasing this book on the Amazon website now.

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