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Free For All

SUBJECT: My fingers are bleeding

Just kidding.

But they do hurt like gangbusters.

You see, I’ve been locked away for 2 YEARS working on my book.

It’s called:

“Why Fathers NEED Daughters; How Raising Daughters Helps Fathers Become Better Men”

I believe it can help you learn how to be more patient, to be a better communicator, learn how to access your emotions, rid yourself of those toxic masculinity traits and generally be a better father and a better man.

I know you’re going to love it.


It’s the most pleasing amalgamation of words I’ve ever put together.

And today, I wanted to give you a copy totally GRATIS.

Yep, for the sum of NADA.

Sorry, getting carried away with the foreign language.

But, I really do want to get it in your hands for FREE.

Why would I do this?

Well, for starters I wanted to get some initial reviews.

From there, I can make tweaks to the book to ensure I cover EVERYTHING that’s needed.

After working in the trenches for 2 years you need a fresh pair of eyes to make the final delivery a masterpiece.

I believe it’s 99.99% of the way there.

But, I’m a perfectionist.

Therefore, you benefit from my obsession with quality.

Secondly, I love to reward my subscribers.

Without you, I don’t have readers.

Without readers … I don’t have a business.

So, for the next 96 hours ONLY, it’s up for the grabbing.

Grab away on Kindle here (no cost)

The link below opens in a new window.

Talk soon,

Erin Washington

P.S. Remember I’m only making this available for the next 4 days. On 8th June 2022, I’ll switch the book from free to paid on Amazon. Just sayin’

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