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"You Don't Need To Be A Woman To Be A Good Mother"

In most recent times, fatherhood had taken a new trend - fathers single-handedly parenting their children because of the absence of the mother, or fathers being more hands-on in helping to raise their children. In many of these cases, fathers struggle most with raising their daughters. How to raise a girl without the presence of her mother or a mother figure can be challenging. But this need not be the case. There is much support out there for them to lean on. However, the flip side of this is that many fathers idolise their daughters but feel that as a man they are not all that they can be for their girl. The reason for this is the realisation that they themselves are products of a society that demoralises or targets women only as sex symbols recruited mainly for their pleasures. To this end, they are now faced with protecting their girls from such toxic male culture.

It is no doubt that girls need their fathers and their mothers. But the inconceivable truth of the matter is that while that is preferred, fathers on their own or in a partnership can do an excellent job in raising their daughters and benefit tremendously from doing so.

In her book, “Why Fathers Need Daughters" Erin K. Washington explores this very topic and shows not only the fact that #HowRaisingDaughtersHelpsFathersBecomeBetterMen, but also shows how fathers can train themselves to be both better fathers and better men in the process.

This book is not just for single fathers but is relevant for all fathers of daughters, who want to shed the scales of the alpha male model, toxic masculinity and other patriarchal roles, and who want to dig deep within themselves and learn skills from raising daughters which helps them to become better men, and of course great fathers.

"You don't need to be a woman to be a good mother"; but, you can be a great father for having raised your daughter with or without a mother simply by learning the valuable skills your daughter will force you to learn in the process.

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